Bamboo Clothes Pegs – (40 Pegs)


NEW SIZE 70mm x 12mm
2 Boxes of Pegs – 40 PEGS

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2 Packs of Bamboo Pegs (Total of 40 Pegs)


These packs of pegs are made from Bamboo with a biodegradable steel clasp.

  • Made of Bamboo, NOT WOOD OR PLASTIC
  • Bamboo is stronger
  • Lighter & more durable than wood & more Eco Friendly than Plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Compact

Why do we use Bamboo?

  • Made of Bamboo, NOT WOOD OR PLASTIC
  • Bamboo is stronger, lighter & more durable than wood
  • Bamboo is more resistant to water than wood
  • Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial
  • Bamboo is naturally biodegradable, Plastic is not

A Greener Brush?

  • Bamboo is a 100% natural renewable resource
  • Bamboo grows back within a few months and to full size in 3 years compared to regular trees that take 25 years
  • Bamboo is farmed vs. Wood comes from cutting forests, damaging to the environment, habitat, and contributing to global warming
  • Bamboo grows naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers
  • Bamboo is 100% biodegradable
  • Smaller carbon footprint than wood-cutting
  • Bamboo is the eco-friendly alternative to Wood and Plastic.


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