When a client first mentioned the concept of a soapless washing product my curiosity was raised. Sometime later she gave me some of your Soap Nuts to use. They sat on my front loading washing machine for a number of weeks, even a couple of months, until I found out more about them and how they worked. This concept was something that I simply could not get my head around. Eventually I accessed information on your website, read the testimonials and I used the Soap Nuts on the same day. I am astonished at the effectiveness of this product after using Soap Nuts in 4/5 washes now. I have shared this experience with a friend and her curiosity is now raised, as mine was, at the idea of not using a mainstream soap powder product. Just as I did, she never imagined anything other than washing clothes in a soap product. I am taking the Soap Nuts to show my friend tomorrow as she is really keen to find out more information about them. Like me and other like minded people she is very keen to use health promoting products and to reduce her impact on the environment. So there you go ‘Go Green’ thank you for your wonderful product….I feel much ‘Greener’ now thanks to you.